Uncomplicated Free Advice on the Best Factoring Solution for Your Business – Available to both start up and established business clients

New to Factoring ? You will be surprised at just how effectively a flexible Factoring arrangement can assist your Cash Flow and Working Capital problems. In essence a Factoring facility draws cash quickly in to the business by converting your debtor book into readily available revenue, the security for the advance being the invoice itself.
No matter what the age and size of your business we can normally provide a workable and cost effective Factoring solution to improve the cash flow in to your business, at rates often far better than overdraft terms.
Key benefits of a Factoring Solution include:
Up to 85% of the Invoice Value paid to you on issue.
On-line process and cash paid in to your account same day / next day
Facility available to new start business with turnover from just £100K per annum
Bad debt insurance can be included if necessary to give additional peace of mind
Factoring can be offered to most Business types and Industry Sectors
Reduced finance costs over traditional overdraft facilities
Easy to set up and the service can be operational within 7 – 10 working days
We offer free and unbiased advice and will tailor a Factoring and Invoice Finance solutions for clients to meet their exact needs and budget. Our level of service is extremely high which is vital at a time when more and more businesses are finding that they have to look beyond the traditional Bank overdraft to satisfy their increasing cash flow needs. We will provide you a view of the entire market – quickly and efficiently and can implement Factoring solution without disruption to the running of your business.
For more information and to see how a flexible Factoring Solution can benefit your business Please call us today or submit an enquiry and we will contact you.

Commercial Property and Business Mortgages with interest rates starting at just 2.5% over Bank Base Rate

If you are looking to purchase a Commercial Property for your own occupation via a SIPP as a longer term investment, or perhaps you wish to purchase a trading business or re-mortgage an existing property, then speak to the experts within our team.
We will provide you ready access to over 50 major Commercial Mortgage Lenders very active in the market who will look to provide a Commercial Mortgage at competitive rates up to 30 year terms. We can provide both capital and interest repayment schemes or ‘easy start’ interest only options.
In order to assess your best Commercial Mortgage option we will need to understand more about your business and confirm the ability to repay the mortgage from business profits or other sources of income. In general terms we can offer mortgages up to 75% of the freehold / long leasehold value of the property or business being purchased.
We can also assist with a broad range of Buy To Let Mortgage products on both fixed and variable interest rates. If you are currently occupying a commercial property as a sitting tenant and running a profitable business then we can offer special rates and generally a higher loan to value – please call us for details.
For assistance with obtaining your Commercial / Business Mortgage Facility and Buy To Let Mortgage at the best interest rates and terms please call us today to see how we can help, or submit an enquiry and we will contact you. Our advice is given freely, in confidence and without obligation.

Bringing your dreams of business ownership to life

With 25 years senior management experience in the brewery and hospitality trade there is not much our Senior Commercial Manager doesn’t know about the Pub Finance and Leisure sector. There is equally no doubt that this sector is suffering greatly in the current economic downturn with many business failures and an increasing number of Leasehold and Freehold properties coming on to the market, many at knock down prices.
However, as the old proverb goes “ it is an ill wind” and we are still helping many clients to realise their dream of business ownership and enter the Pub, Restaurant and Leisure sector. We also assist current ‘tied’ leaseholders acquire the freehold of their current property and there are some special arrangements available in the finance market for well established and profitable businesses.
Key underwriting requirements for Pub , Bar , Hotel and Restaurant Finance:
Demonstrable Business Experience in the sector.
Deposit funds available at circa 30% of the freehold business purchase price.
Additional security may be acceptable in lieu of full deposit funds.
Stock funding and working capital to be available ( VAT Bridging Loans available).
Special arrangements provided for established sitting tenants in a profitable business.
Trading accounts with proof of mortgage affordability from net profits are a key requirement.
Pubs ideally need a balanced ‘wet / dry’ revenue mix.
Solid, demonstrable business plan and cash flow forecast.
If your business plan and personal experience hold up and you have a the drive and commitment to enter this sector then we invite you to consult the Pub Finance and Leisure Sector specialists.
Please call us today to see how we can help, or submit an enquiry and we will contact you. Our advice is given freely, in confidence and without obligation.

Open For Business – Loans To Get You Started

If you are looking to buy or start a new business and have a great business plan with the necessary experience, then speak to us. There may be a need to buy a freehold property and many businesses will also need support with the purchase of the business goodwill, vehicles, stock and other key assets.
We provide access to the widest range of secured and unsecured finance facilities to help get you started and can also advise on the Government Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme (EFGS) and the possibility of acquiring regional grants dependent on your location.
Commercial Mortgages to acquire a trading business
Funding available to cover goodwill, fixtures & fittings and VAT bridging loans
Secured Business Loans and MBO / MBI arrangements
Equipment and Vehicle Leasing for assets valued from £2,000 upwards
Invoice Factoring – Specialist schemes for new start and early stage businesses
For assistance with starting your new business please call us today to see how we can help, or submit an enquiry and we will contact you. Our advice is given freely, in confidence and without obligation.
We will provide you a fast, competitive quote to lease any capital equipment necessary for the running of your business. This includes Plant, Vehicles, Production Equipment, IT and Telecoms Systems and even ‘Small Ticket’ items down to £2K in capital value
Leasing is a tax and cash efficient way of financing equipment for your business, it keeps the asset ‘off balance sheet’ and offers the following key benefits:
It provides immediate use of the asset without paying for it all at once.
It frees up working capital and bank loan / overdraft facilities for business growth.
The Lease contract is structured for the length of time you require use of the asset .
Sale & Leaseback allows you to release capital in assets you already own.
We can provide a solution irrespective of credit history or previous problems.
It offers the most tax efficient structure for your business.
Whatever your requirement for asset, machinery or vehicle leasing consult our expert team for a no obligation discussion, best advice and generally a same day quotation. Please call us today to see how we can help, or submit an enquiry and we will contact you.

Strong Business Sectors

Throughout the current downturn the healthcare and day nursery sectors continues to remain buoyant.
It is generally acknowledged that people are living longer due to medical advances and a trend towards a healthier lifestyle has caused the older population to significantly increase over the last two decades. While this is obviously great news, there are some important social consequences.
Elderly people are often unable to look after themselves in their later years, the demand for resources to care for them is growing. Family and friends often help, but an increasing amount of the responsibility is being taken up by a growing sector of care providers. In fact, the figure of older people in care homes now approaches 500,000 in the UK alone.
Similarly the demand for quality Day Nursery places is rising very significantly, offering a very profitable business return if run well and to the highest standards.
Establishing a Nursing Home / Day Nursery or buying an established business can be a rewarding and fulfilling career move for applicants with the appropriate qualifications and business experience. Over recent years we have helped many clients enter this sector, we have forged strong relationships with a broad panel of specialist lenders keen to support borrowers at very attractive terms and we also have exclusive access to some established funding lines.
Please call us today to see how we can help, or submit an enquiry and we will contact you. Our advice is given freely, in confidence and without obligation.

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