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£150,000 to £50 Million Available

We are the UK’s Bridging Loan
Broker Specialists and offer

Flexible Loans at rates from 4 % per annum

• Funding available for UK based projects

• 24/7 Hours Support

• We can often make an immediate decision

• Loan terms from 1 Day – 24 Months

Let us help bridge the solution to your problems

If you have a need for a Short Term Loan and need the funds quickly then we can provide funding for any legitimate purpose. Loan terms can range from 1 day to 24 months. Obtaining bridging finance is, in essence, a simple process and loans can be secured on both Residential and Commercial Property Assets and Land / Development Sites.


In some cases we can take other assets as security for the loan such as Luxury Cars , Art , Jewellery etc. As a bridging loan broker, not only will we help get you the best rates available, we help guide you through the entire process. This includes dealing with all the necessary paper work hassle, so you won’t have to.

Some potential uses:

  • Buying a bargain property at ‘ Below Market Value ‘
  • Buy a property which is deemed ‘Un-mortgageable’ and requires significant refurbishment.
  • Moving home before your current property is sold
  • Buying from a residential or commercial property auction and needing funds quickly to complete on the purchase
  • Raising cash to buy a Business, purchase Stock or perhaps buy out a Business Partner
  • Raising cash to pay a Personal or Business Tax bill
  • Raising cash to stave off a repossession order

We can move very quickly giving an immediate decision and very often have the loan offer issued the same day. Funds can be drawn down generally within a matter of days, and our experienced team will assist with all the necessary administration and valuations in order to ensure a smooth process.

At LINK Capital UK, as a bridging loan broker, we strive to provide you with the best rates and terms possible across the entire UK Market. Having access to over 265 UK lenders, we can truly provide you with a competitive rate. Feel free to read through the testimonials below of some of our satisfied customers whom recently secured Short Term Bridging Funding with us.

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